The New October Products

New products

What’s new in the PerkinElmer reagent portfolio ?

For the last few months, PerkinElmer’s team has been working furiously to develop an impressive list of new assay kits. Focusing, as always, on providing solutions for scientists around the world, we are excited to announce the October 2022 launch of our new products!

New products using the HTRF® technology

Our team is proud to provide you with no less than 17 new kits added to the Cellular Phospho-Protein assay portfolio!

4 new assays have been developed to investigate the ATR/CHK1 pathway:

The Toolbox portfolio has been enriched with four labeled Streptavidins to capture biotinylated proteins, peptides, antibodies, small molecules, nucleic acids…

In addition, we can now announce the launching of a new kit for CCL22 detection:

New products using the AlphaLISA® technology

The CCL22 kit is also available using the AlphaLISA® technology:

What’s more, two new kits for AAV detection have been developed:

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